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Just a little bit about me. I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands, I guess you could say I have an “artistic” streak. Back “in the day” I used to strum a guitar, even though I never got as good as I had hoped, it was something I enjoyed doing while hanging out with friends.
Fast forward a number of years, got married, bought a house & got a dog…the dog is what ended my musical career, jumping puppies & nice guitars don’t mix. I “dabbled” in building model railroad setups & plastic model kits. Next I started building wooden ships & quickly took a liking to it. I happen to be a very patient person, which helps when tying rigging, bending planks & fitting together very small pieces. Some of the ships took over 1 year to build, & eventually our small house filled up.
Next I tried my hand at woodturning & found I have a natural talent for it. I have the innate ability to look at a piece of wood & see what’s hidden inside. I started turning in a small 10 x 10 shed, running an extention cord to a small lathe. I could only turn in the warm weather, on nice days, since there wasn’t any heat & quickly it became clear I need a better set up. My wife was after me for years to put in a workshop & finally I gave into her. I now have the workshop of my dreams, with heat in the winter, air in the summer, a small fridge, everything I could ever ask for.
My days are either filled with spending time with my family (in addition to my wife & elderly parents, I have a daughter, son-in-law, & 2 beautiful grandchildren) or out in my shop.
I am very lucky to be surrounded by so many people that love & support me & I do what I do because of them.
I hope all of you enjoy my work as well.