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Various Bar Items: Stoppers &  openers can be made with a golf ball with your favorite sports team logo. Below is just an example, contact me with what you're looking for & I can try to accommodate you. I also can do special orders.

"Thank you for the beautiful wine stopper -Richard is an extremely talented woodworker"

Bottle Openers - Various Styles

"Thank you so much for the artisan gift. It’s beautiful, practical… (and will broaden the makers reputation). We are big wine drinkers and will use it for years to come."

Bottle Stoppers - Various Styles:                                                                                        Corkscrew / Bottle Stopper Combo (Either Wood or Team Golf Ball)                                                                                                                                       Self Seal Stopper - Creates A Tight Seal So When Laid Flat Bottle Won't Leak              Standard Stoppers - Either Wood, Gear Shift or Sports Golf Ball