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Selfie Stick - Telescopes from approx. 14" - 25". Various woods, hanging strap, top expands to securely hold your device, uses timer on your camera - $35

Mobile Device Stand/Stylus - Various Woods & Acrylics - Twists to securely hold your device -  Approx. 3.5" in length, gold or silver tone - $30

Desk Clock - Orange Osage - Approx. 5" across - $75

Desk Clock - Hand Burnt Embelished - Approx 5" across, 5.5" high - $85

Bracelet Assists - 24K gold plated, alligator clip - Various woods & acrylics, approx. 6.5" in length - $30

"Teachers" type twist pen - Wood or Acrylic - 1 end red ink, 1 end blue ink. Uses Mini Cross® type ballpoint refill or any mini sized refill (can find in office supply stores or online). Can substitute black ink or orange highliter (fine tip) or can buy additional refills for $2 each. Pens - $30 each

Stylus Pen, twist type - Black ink, uses "Cross(R)-style refills. Wood or acrylic. Can purchase an additional stylus replacement tip for $2 - Pens - $30 each