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  Miscellaneous items that can be used in the kitchen. If you're looking for something special please let me know. 

Testimonial: "I love the simplicity & the quality. You've elevated the "every day".

ITEMS ABOVE:                                                                                                        RAVIOLI/COOKIE PRESS SET                                                                                              BUTTER/CHEESE SPREADER                                                                                            CONDIMENT FORKS                                                                                                             VEGETABLE PARERS (WOOD OR ACRYLIC HANDLES, CERAMIC BLADES)                  COFFEE SCOOPS                                                                                                                 JAR OPENERS

ITEMS ABOVE:                                                                                                        STAINLESS STEEL RASPER/GRATER - REMOVABLE HEAD FOR EASY CLEANING

ITEMS ABOVE:                                                                                                            ROLLING PINS, FRENCH STYLE, MAPLE, 3 DIFFERENT SIZES: 16",20" & 24"

ITEMS ABOVE:                                                                                                                    SALT & PEPPER SHAKER SETS                                                                                          PUMP STYLE PEPPER/SALT GRINDER

ITEMS ABOVE:                                                                                                             CHEESE PLANES (HEADS UNSCREW FOR EASY CLEANING)                                       LARGE PIE SERVERS                                                                                                             CAKE KNIFE/ CAKE SERVER SET                                                                                       PASTA/SALAD SERVING SET

ITEMS ABOVE:                                                                                                                 PIZZA WHEELS, STAINLESS STEEL, LARGE & SMALL - HEADS UNSCREW FOR EASY CLEANING                                                                                                                               ICE CREAM PADDLES & SCOOPS - HEADS UNSCREW FOR EASY CLEANING