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Here's some examples of hardware/tool type items I make.  If you're looking for something "special" let me know & I can try to accommodate you. Thank-you for your interest in my work!

Testimonial:     "Nice handcrafted woodwork!" (dw)

Four Bit Screwdrivers - Approx. 9 - 9 1/2" total length. Various Woods. Very unique, comes with 2 double headed bits - (1) #2 Phillips Head & 1/4" Flat (2) #1 Phillips Head & 3/16" Flat, self stored in handle.                                                                                   Ratchet Screwdriver with multi tips

Meat Flipper - Long or Short                                                                                                 Plumb Bobs                                                                                                                           Money Clips                                                                                                                           Screwdriver Key Rings - 4 bits store inside

Telescoping Fly Swatter - Various colored wood. Extends to approx. 26.5" in total length, closed approx. 13". Plastic swatter approx. 3" x 4", strap for easy hanging

                 Testimonial - "Your Craftsmanship is majestic" (g&n)

Telescoping Fly Swatter                                                                                                    Telescoping Campfire Stick with Rubber Safety Tip                                                          Flint Fire Starter

Golf Ball Divit Repair Tool

Pull Chains for Ceiling Fans or Lights

                      Testimonial - "Wow...these are really great!"  (shf)